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Education unlocks the potential of individuals and communities. Investments in students, educators and classrooms have an enormous return for our state. A strong P-20 education system will create and support a talent pipeline that attracts diverse businesses to Arizona. A more educated and skilled workforce will also increase business and personal income, grow revenues for the state to invest in other critical needs and decrease the dependence on social safety nets. The long-term prosperity of Arizona depends on greater levels of educational attainment that will lower crime rates, improve personal health and create more resiliency to changes in the economy.

As things stand today, investments in education are far from where they need to be to meet the shared goals in the Arizona Education Progress Meter, close persistent achievement gaps, and invigorate economic growth. Despite important investments made recently in teacher pay and other parts of the system, all of education – from quality early learning to postsecondary – is in need of additional resources.

Just as the Arizona Education Progress Meter provides a clear picture of where we stand today and outlines broadly supported goals the state aims to meet by 2030, a first-of-its-kind Roadmap for P-20 Education Funding sets a vision for long-term education funding in Arizona from the early years through college and career. Individuals representing more than 80 education, business and community organizations across the state joined together to create the Roadmap, which represents consensus on the major investments needed in education by 2030. Coupled with effective instruction, policy, and strategy implementation, these investments will advance Arizona’s shared education goals and close persistent achievement gaps.