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Turn a trip to the grocery store into an opportunity for learning

by Bashas Supermarkets

Headed to the grocery store today? Don’t let a great educational opportunity pass you by – even a routine trip to your neighborhood store can be an ideal time to engage with your kids and help bring school learning to life. Here are some ideas on how: The basics: Especially for younger kids, shopping provides …

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Build A Better World Through Reading

by Expect More Arizona

Reading is the foundational skill for all school-based learning, and reading by the end of third grade is a crucial milestone. Through third grade, most students are learning to read. Beginning in fourth grade, students begin reading to learn. As research shows, there is a strong connection between a student’s third-grade reading ability and how well …

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My First Experience As An Elementary School Volunteer

by Keri Ruiz

I opened the big steel door to the school’s front office. My hands were a bit sweaty; my heart was pounding in my chest, and my throat and tongue felt chalky and dry. It was the first day of school. No, not for me as a student, but rather, for me as a first-time reading …

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Smart Talk for Smart Development

by Expect More Arizona

From birth to age 3, a child’s brain develops very fast—more than at any other time in life. To help children grow in ways that promote learning and reading and support later success in school, Read On Arizona developed Smart Talk, a campaign designed to give parents, caregivers and family members the tools and the …

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Show Your Love Through Literacy

by Judi Morellion

You have heard it said that “parents are their child’s first teachers.” Nothing could be more true. In addition to feeding, sheltering, and clothing a child, literacy is another essential aspect of parenting. There is no one in a better position to do that than parents. Parents who talk, sing, play, and read to their …

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Making Progress Together

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