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Arizona School Counselors can help attain the state’s 60% attainment goal by providing all students the opportunity to demonstrate skills needed for school success by removing obstacles that get in the way of high school graduation.

Arizona doesn’t have enough school counselors. Here’s why that hurts students.

by Janine Menard, Arizona School Counselors Association

One of my students was assaulted at 12 and became a mother at 13. She didn’t know what was happening until it was too late. She and her mother showed up at my school office despondent and seeking guidance. It would be hard for anyone, but because we had built trust together, we could find …

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How to support educators for teacher appreciation week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week – Let’s Think Outside the Box This Year

by Expect More Arizona

Teacher Appreciation Week always falls during the first full week in May, which means this year it lands on May 6-10. While we likely all agree that every week is a good time to show our appreciation, we know many parents, schools and students use this time to make special gestures. We started asking ourselves, …

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Funding needs at Balsz School District

East Phoenix School District Shares Difficult Funding Decisions

by Expect More Arizona

There’s a lot of talk about the need for more education funding at every level, but what does that really mean? What are the impacts of limited funding? How would significant new investments in education have an impact? What are examples of difficult decisions leaders make with stretched resources, and how does that impact students …

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