Learn How Your Vote Impacts Education Decision-Making at the State, County and Local Level

A Rural Arizona Teacher’s Perspective on Education Issues

by Louise Durant

I am what people consider a natural-born teacher. From an early age I found myself being drawn to the profession, teaching five and six year olds how to do cartwheels and somersaults in the hours before my own gymnastics practice. I ended up coaching through my 20’s and even when I entered the United States …

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Today’s victories are not for us, but for our children

by Francisco (Frank) Olea

When my wife and I found out we were having Destiny, we were both in high school. Away flew our dreams of going to college, and we both began working to support our child. Raised by traditional Mexican and Native American parents, we were both indoctrinated to the mantra that if you work hard, all …

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Final Education Budget – What you need to know

by Expect More Arizona

Education budget bills have passed through the Legislature and been signed by the Governor. This budget is by no means a complete, long-term solution, but it does put us on a strong path to raising teacher pay significantly over the next three years and fully restoring District and Charter Additional Assistance in five years, which …

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Making Progress Together

338 organizations

are partnering with us to make education a top priority in Arizona

80 thousand

supporters of the movement for world-class education in Arizona

96 percent

of Arizonans believe all kids deserve a world-class education

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