Magnetometer Easter Cup Hunt activity

Magnetometer Easter Cup Hunt activity

by Expect More Arizona

Mike Vargas is a physics teacher at Pinnacle High School in the Paradise Valley Unified School District and is currently serving as the Air Force Association National Aerospace Teacher of the Year  and a member of STEM Teachers PHX. He recently found himself having to homeschool his own elementary school aged kids and has been …

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Quarantine Advice from an Arizona Teacher of the Year

by Beth Maloney

If you’re anything like me, one minute you feel like you can live at home in quarantine forever. The next, you’re ready to leap out the front door. Here are some things to do to keep the kids (and you) from going quarantine-crazy and maintain a sense of normalcy during these strange times. Read. Reading …

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apprenticeship to retrain for tech jobs

SRP Trains Former Power Plant Employees for Careers in Technology

by Salt River Project

As the director of Talent Management for Salt River Project, a community based, not-for-profit utility – which also happens to be the third-largest public power company in the country – our staffing needs are unique and diverse. Recently, we faced an inimitable challenge as the four owners of Navajo Generating Station (NGS), a coal-fired power …

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Construction Company Promotes STEM Careers

How a Tempe-based construction company is getting students interested in STEM careers

by Fred Bueler, CHASSE Building Team

“But why?” If you’ve ever been around kids you’ve heard this question. Kids are curious by nature. At CHASSE Building Team we strive to answer their “why’s.” With projects happening in nearly a dozen school districts, CHASSE aims to be a great team with the students, staff, and community within our projects. But we go …

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science technology

Celebrating science and technology in Arizona

by Dr. Jeremy Babendure

Building rockets. Exploring tech-based careers. Making a connection between dance and STEM. DIY science opportunities. While these activities might seem unrelated, they are all connected through the Arizona SciTech Festival, an annual celebration of all things science and technology in the Grand Canyon state. With the 8th season of the Festival just around the corner, …

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