A few weeks into the school year, things are already easier than they were at the beginning. But distance learning isn’t simple. To help, here’s some of the advice that I give families I work with:

Keep in close contact with the schools.

If you’re struggling with tech, let them know. And if you’re unsure how your children will be graded, how to complete an assignment or have other questions, reach out to the teacher. Schools can’t address problems that they don’t know exist. If you’re having problems because of language issues, many school districts have resources that can help.

Ask for help when you need it.

Many school districts have resources available to support parents and students during virtual learning.

Create structure in your child’s day.

Post their school schedule where they can see it and encourage them to follow it. Help them to stay focused, just like they would in the classroom.

Help them learn good computer classroom etiquette.

Make sure they arrive online on time and stay for the duration of class. Keep their video muted unless the teacher asks otherwise. Do your best to create a clean, distraction-free learning space.

Guillermina Torres works in the Mexican American Student Services department at Tucson Unified School District.