Expect More Arizona is celebrating a major milestone – our 10-year anniversary! We were created to be the leading voice for education in Arizona and to elevate education (early years through career) as a top priority for our state. We have been working to build the movement for world-class education – a movement to make Arizona a state in which every student has the opportunity to realize their full potential, regardless of background, income or zip code.

A social movement is loosely defined as a group of people with a shared purpose who create change together. In our first 10 years, the foundation of our movement has been put in place. Through our efforts, education has been firmly established as the top priority in Arizona. We have formed a strong pipeline of leaders and hundreds of partnerships across the state, and we have established broadly shared goals and a plan for the future.

While we have a lot to celebrate, our work is far from done. We’re looking forward to the next 10 years, and YOU are a big part of our plans.

The movement for world-class education is powered by people. Champions, like you, who share our vision of an excellence education for every student every step of the way. To help each student realize their potential, so Arizona can reach its potential, we need more people who are willing to sign up, study up, speak up and show up!

In honor of our 10th anniversary, and in recognition of our shared support for 10 out of 10 students, we’ll be reaching out with new opportunities for you to help grow the movement. On the 10th of each month, we’ll share a different call to action, as well as a challenge to Double Down on the Movement by getting others involved.

Here’s your December 2019 opportunity:

SIGN UP for the Request to Speak System. The Request to Speak system is an online tool to give legislators your feedback on bills. You can use the system to show you support or oppose a bill and provide the reason why. You do not have to speak as the name implies. It is one of the easiest ways to share your opinions directly with legislators. Use the form below to get started today!

DOUBLE DOWN. Encourage 10 friends, family members or colleagues to sign up for the Request to Speak system.

Thank you for your support!


Watch our video tutorial of how to use the Request to Speak (RTS) system below. You can also review this how-to-guide for more details on using the RTS system.