Construction Company promotes STEM Careers“But why?” If you’ve ever been around kids you’ve heard this question. Kids are curious by nature. At CHASSE Building Team we strive to answer their “why’s.” With projects happening in nearly a dozen school districts, CHASSE aims to be a great team with the students, staff, and community within our projects. But we go beyond simply making the construction process a smooth one, we aim to educate and engage students by making them a part of the process.

Each school is unique and we tailor our efforts to their needs. We offer construction tours, class projects, student assemblies, and workshops. Whenever possible, we include hands-on activities to help students get excited about the construction happening on their campus. For instance:

    • We’ve partnered with Tempe Elementary School District’s STEM director to create a project-based learning program (PBL). Over the course of the semester, students are given the opportunity to learn about design, constructability and how to bring a project to life.
    • Construction Company Promotes STEM careersThrough PBL, students benefit from ongoing interaction with our building efforts. We hosted a two-day event where students learned about construction, used tools first-hand, practiced measuring for carpet and explored how irrigation piping is installed. Select students were able to visit the construction trailer to interview the CHASSE Superintendent, engineers, concrete foreman, and architects. At the end of the program, the students created a video summary that was shared with the whole school.
    • For the Madison School District, we developed an 8-week program that enlisted students’ support to build a masonry planter garden. Throughout the process, the students helped build the structure with guidance from the CHASSE team and various trade partners.
    • Throughout other districts, we’ve created school-wide events to explore building and construction with students and discuss everything from how technology is part of our work, to how buildings are built. When it’s safe, small groups of students are given the opportunity to tour the construction zone and see what construction looks like in various stages.

Construction company promotes STEM careers Construction company promoting STEM careers


Given the popularity of STEM programming, and the increasing need for STEM-savvy workers, we’re not surprised by how many students Construction company promotes STEM careersare so enthusiastic about our projects. In a state where a skilled labor shortage is especially pronounced, we’re eager to share these opportunities and encourage our students to explore their interests and aptitudes. Even those who don’t pursue a career in building or STEM are being exposed to the world around them and expanding their understanding and knowledge of the construction industry.

Built different, on purpose. Barry Chasse’s vision to create CHASSE Building Team in 2007 is founded on the concept of team work and building to make a difference; a difference in collaborating and giving back to the Arizona communities we serve and making construction more than just building. Barry started his career in construction nearly three decades ago as a project coordinator earning only $6 per hour. Literally starting from the bottom and learning the ins and outs of all aspects of construction. In the past ten years, Barry has cultivated his company from 10 original employees to over 130 located in Tempe and Tucson. This has led to CHASSE investing over $3 million into charitable causes with a particular emphasis on child-focused philanthropy and efforts that benefit the education of our future leaders.

Construction Company Promotes STEM CareersFred Bueler is a member of the Chasse Building Team.