Donna Davis has been working with Expect More Arizona for nine years. She has played an integral role in making education a top priority and building education advocates in both urban and rural communities throughout the state.

She has a particular interest in education and its connection to economic development. Having watched two of her own children move out of state for jobs, Donna understands the need to ensure Arizona not only attracts employers, but also produces a prepared workforce.

Donna’s greatest passion is working in rural Arizona to improve education. She has come to experience firsthand the different and diverse needs of rural communities and hopes that lawmakers and citizens keep those differences in mind when it comes to education policy and funding.

“I want every student in our state to be ready for education, training or a career after high school. I want every student to find their passion and bring that passion back to their hometown, wherever that is! However, I like to say, we can have the best teachers, students and parents but without good public policy we won’t go far.” ~Donna Davis

Here are 10 fun facts to help you get to know Donna Davis:

  1. Grew up in rural upstate New York surrounded by dairy farms.
  2. Chased someone through a wheat field to get money out of them when fundraising for the Future Farmers of America in Arizona for three years.
  3. Spent 23 years traveling the world as a military spouse and arrived in Phoenix in 1990 from Yemen.
  4. Obtained a health education degree but was unable to teach because frequent moves meant different certification requirements.
  5. Studied Arabic with her husband for 47 LONG weeks, which taught her to talk about weapons and troop strength, but not to buy an apple. However, she did land a job at the U.S. Department of State.
  6. Had three kids in five years and moved seven times in her first 14 years of motherhood.
  7. Was one of the first contract employees with Expect More Arizona in 2010 and covered the entire state doing outreach.
  8. Has six grandkids whom she loves to spoil.
  9. Ran her first half marathon in 2009 and hasn’t stopped since, having completed 14 half marathons, 15 triathlons, and 8 Pat’s Runs.
  10. Never wants to retire!

At Expect More Arizona, our relationships with partners in communities throughout the state are essential to ensuring the diverse needs and voices within education are represented in our work. Our Community Engagement Managers play a critical role in building those relationships by serving as the primary representative of Expect More Arizona in all corners of Arizona.