Expect More Arizona has a deep respect and appreciation for educators. Given the fact that the future of our state rests on the shoulders of the students in classrooms today, we should be doing everything we can to place the highest quality teacher in every classroom and ensure they have the support and resources necessary to be successful.

We admire the grassroots #RedforEd movement and the many individuals who have shared their voice on behalf of our state’s amazing teachers and students. Expect More Arizona has long called for meaningful investments in education that support the success of every student every step of the way.

Having reviewed the current budget proposal through the lens of what we believe is best for students, Expect More Arizona is calling for a two-step action plan.

Step 1:

Support the current budget bills. We compiled a summary which you can read here. We are supportive of the budget proposal, but acknowledge that no budget is ever perfect. However, this budget puts us on a strong path to raising teacher pay significantly over the next three years and fully restoring District and Charter Additional Assistance in 5 years, which are huge steps forward for education.

Now is the time to get this done. It is by no means a complete, long-term solution, but it does infuse a significant amount of funding into education now.

Step 2:

Expect More Arizona respectfully urges all sides to come together to find sustainable, long-term solutions for new education investments. These conversations must include options for increasing state revenue, as it is clear the state’s existing resources are not enough to address the many needs in education.

Expect More Arizona is dedicated to our vision of ensuring every student – regardless of background, income, or zip code – receives an excellent education every step of the way. We promise to do our part to convene stakeholders from all sides to foster collaboration around shared solutions.

Arizona’s education system – early education, K through 12, community colleges, and universities – requires continued, reliable investments over time. Urge your legislators to vote YES on the current budget bills as Step 1.

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