Expect More Arizona, a nonprofit education advocacy organization, commissioned a statewide public opinion survey of 600 likely Arizona voters in mid-December 2017. For the third year in a row, the poll shows that Arizona voters believe education is the most important issue facing our state, above immigration, the economy or healthcare. They believe that lack of funding and low teacher pay are the state’s two most significant education issues.

The poll also shows strong support for the renewal of Prop 301, as well as support for raising the sales tax in order to increase teacher pay. Additionally, Arizona voters see the connection between education and the strength of our communities and believe every child, regardless of background or zip code deserves an excellent education.

Stand for Children – Arizona also conducted a poll in December 2017. The results are similar and reinforce the need to address education funding as soon as possible.

Find more detailed poll results here.


While these and other poll results clearly show voters care deeply about education, Arizona also has a meaningful tool to better understand where we stand as a state on teacher pay and other important education indicators. The Arizona Education Progress Meter was developed through a partnership between Expect More Arizona, the Center for the Future of Arizona, and more than 200 organizations, business leaders, educators, and community leaders. Included are eight key indicators that help us understand where we are today, and goals for each indicator that articulate where we want to go.


With an eye toward achieving the long-term goals outlined in the Arizona Education Progress Meter, Expect More Arizona will call on its network of organizations and individuals to work together to move the following priorities forward in 2018:

  • Promote policies to identify struggling students early.
  • Build support for policy changes to address the growing achievement gap (including support for students with special needs and English language learners, among others).
  • Support reinvestment in Arizona’s community colleges.
  • Supporting continued progress toward the state funding 50 percet of the costs for Arizona students to attend a state university.
  • Support efforts to provide salary incentives for teachers to complete and maintain research-based credentials.

Find Expect More Arizona’s full 2018 advocacy agenda here.


Every Arizonan has a role to play to ensure all children receive an excellent education, every step of the way. The path to excellence requires students who are motivated and ready to learn, involved parents, trained and committed educators, informed voters, an engaged business and philanthropic community, and capable and supportive elected officials.

Take the first step by sending a quick message to your elected leaders to encourage them to make education their top priority in 2018.