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Intern Experienced Growth in Knowledge and Passion for Education

by Oscar Hernandez

By Oscar Hernandez, Education Fair Intern

As an intern with Expect More Arizona, I had the opportunity to help lead the planning efforts for the organization’s 6th Annual Camino al Éxito Education Fair hosted in partnership with Univision Arizona. Some of my main responsibilities included developing logistical documents and emails for the resource fair participants, and maintaining constant communication with Univision’s Communications and Sales team, Expect More Arizona partners, local community organizations and vendors. Another of my roles was to identify and execute new methods to expand the resource fair participants and volunteers.

Throughout my time at Expect More Arizona, I learned a ton about the nonprofits and community organizations at the forefront of change here in Arizona. Having weekly meetings and working with Univision Arizona was a tremendous opportunity. Not only did I learn a lot about how a corporation functions, but I also witnessed the professionalism and enthusiasm of the people working behind the scenes at Univision.

My favorite aspect of working at Expect More Arizona was knowing that my contribution to the organization was helping students and families become better informed about the opportunities to attend college to better their lives and the resources available to them. Knowing that I was working at an organization whose work assisted elected officials, businesses and parents in making better decisions about public education was extremely rewarding.

The Expect More Arizona staff, its mission and shared vision reminded me that I can indeed focus my work on issues that matter to me and my community while still working in an environment that can  challenge and push me to grow. I was impacted the most to see how interconnected nonprofits and businesses affected state policy and how crucial it is for Expect More Arizona to have strong relationships in the community to continue to influence change.

My experience at Expect More Arizona was humbling and energizing. I was humbled by how small the team was and despite that they were able to accomplish so much. I was energized by the passion displayed by each member to impact the current public education system in Arizona.

Although my last day was bitter sweet, I felt accomplished by how much I had learned by working on the education fair event planning and from all the amazing people with whom I had the privilege of interacting. I was heartbroken to leave my Expect More Arizona family, but I will always cherish my time there and the memories I made interning with the incredible team of education advocates.

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