Headed to the grocery store today? Don’t let a great educational opportunity pass you by – even a routine trip to your neighborhood store can be an ideal time to engage with your kids and help bring school learning to life.

Here are some ideas on how:

    • The basics: Especially for younger kids, shopping provides a wide variety of learning opportunities. Can they group the items in your cart by color? By size? Get them excited with a scavenger hunt for certain colors or shapes and encourage them to identify letters as you go down aisles.


    • Reading: Learning to read and write is fundamental to all other learning and food is an intriguing topic to practice. For instance, head to the produce section and challenge your child to spell the fruits and vegetables they see. Can they read the items in different aisle labels and help you find what you’re looking for? You can even practice before leaving the house by encouraging them to write the shopping list.


    • Math: In today’s tech-centric world, it might be easy to rely on smartphones for math. But learning to estimate and calculate in their head can be a big brain-booster for youth. Younger children can practice their math skills by counting the items in the cart or in a produce bag. For more advanced students, use the produce scales to practice fractions, multiplication and more. While you shop, challenge your child to keep track of the total cost – they could even estimate the tax you’ll pay on the bill.


    • Nutrition: This is also an ideal time to discuss healthy eating with your kids. Discuss the food groups in your cart and their benefits, along with why it’s important to have a balanced diet. As an added bonus, encourage your children to help with the food prep when you get home – kids who cook are more likely to choose healthy options.


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