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Online U.S. Army Resources Help Students “March 2 Success” Through Standardized Test Preparation

by Expect More Arizona

Today’s high school students are exposed to a variety of tests, ranging from semester finals to college entrance exams. While select students breeze through these tests, many others deal with apprehension and anxiety about their performance, which can have a negative impact on their score.

But as with any other endeavor, a key ingredient to success – and managing nerves – is adequate preparation. And the U.S. Army has the solution: March2Success. It’s a free, no-obligation website with practice tests, flashcards, and self-paced courses to help students hone their test-taking skills.

March2Success helps students become comfortable with standardized testing through practice and repetition. The content covers everything from the social sciences and technology to math and physics. And for students who are continuing on to college, resources include SAT and ACT flashcards and practice tests.

March2Success is a good fit for most any high school student who wants to become more adept at test-taking, or for those who wish to review content from previous courses. The cutting-edge assessment software and relevant content are designed to accelerate the student learning curve and help them achieve college and career goals.

In addition to courses that can be customized based on student knowledge, specific resources include:

  • High school preparation: practice questions and flashcard decks for study skills, language arts, math, science
  • High school science hub: earth science, biology, chemistry, physics
  • College readiness online courses: flashcard decks for math and language arts
  • Social sciences: practice questions for economics, finance, and accounting
  • Math: practice questions covering algebra, data analysis, probability, geometry, and more
  • Nursing: practice tests for entrance exams
  • Technology: practice questions covering computing and technical writing
  • Pre-engineering: practice questions covering pre-calculus, calculus, and physics
  • Zero-hour threat: video game to raise SAT/ACT scores

Best of all, the resources are free to parents, teachers, and students over the age of 13. Simply visit the March2Success website to sign up.

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