Feeding people is what we love doing every day at Fox Restaurant Concepts. And since we are just as committed to serving the community as much as we are about serving our guests, we have made it our main mission to help spread awareness of hunger and support nutritional education programs.

Over the past year, Feed the Soul, a charitable extension of Fox Restaurant Concepts, has helped educate its guests about the alarmingly high childhood hunger statistic as well as the need for consistent nutritional education programs that should be implemented across the board.

A national organization helping to raise the curtain on this horrendous issue is No Kid Hungry. Within this non-profit, all funds are used to raise awareness about child hunger in the U.S., as well as support nutrition programs like School Breakfast and Summer Meals, and educate kids and their families on how to cook healthy meals with limited resources.

Proper nutrition doesn’t have to be difficult to understand, and non-profits like No Kid Hungry are helping pave the way to make education like this way more accessible and available to all. One of their major successes has been a School Breakfast initiative as well as their weekend and summer programs to make sure children are receiving the food they need even on vacation days.

With the help of organizations like No Kid Hungry, we encourage more restaurants to partner with them, their local food bank, or school to help spread awareness and petition for more school breakfast and nutritional programs. Recognizing and responding to this issue is the first step toward a brighter, fuller future for all.

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March is National Nutrition Month! When kids don’t get enough to eat, they have a hard time concentrating in school….

Posted by Expect More Arizona on Tuesday, March 1, 2016