There are three tips that I think can make anyone a smarter shopper.

  1. Do your research. It’s amazing how much a little research can save you. Does your child know they can check a store’s weekly circular or ask a clerk when the next sale is coming? Tell them about the loads of information out there that can aid in your money saving efforts. Plus, it’s a great time for a student to exercise their math skills! If two stores have sales on canned vegetables, can they figure out which will be cheaper? Will it be worth it to drive to a store further away in order to take advantage of a different sale?
  1. Utilize technology. There are apps, digital rewards programs, websites, coupon sites, and of course, the ABC15 Smart Shopper web page. Your child might even have suggestions about where to look online to find lower prices. Work with them to use technology to your advantage by searching for the lowest product price, consumer reviews, recalls and more.
  1. Consider whether something is a want or a need. This is a great life lesson for youth – just because an item is on sale, doesn’t mean they need it… or can afford it.

I may be the most frugal person you’ll ever meet – and I’m proud of that! I choose to be frugal, now, so that I can save money for my future. There is so much freedom in spending and saving wisely.

It’s the same with education – learning opens doors to a world that is ripe with opportunity.

Daphne Munro is the Smart Shopper for ABC15 News. She joined the team in September of 2004, but has lived in the Valley for more than 40 years. A graduate of Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix and University of Arizona, Daphne devotes much of her time to finding the best deals around town.

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Smart Shopper Daphne Munro has tips for you to help your child become a “smart shopper” next time you’re at the store. Check them out: #TodayInAZ ABC15 Arizona

Posted by Expect More Arizona on Friday, February 5, 2016