You may hear or see headlines in the media about the State Board of Education (SBE) repealing Common Core, however, the information reported has been somewhat confusing and even misleading. The SBE’s vote to distance itself from Common Core is symbolic in nature.

The vote continues Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards and allows the SBE to add, delete or modify the standards as needed.

It is now time to move past the political debate on standards that has been taking place over the last three years and provide stability for Arizona’s schools and teachers to focus on what’s important – good teaching and learning.

Please share with those you know that this does not change the current standards.  Educators and students have been working hard over the last five years to adapt to the new, more rigorous standards. What teachers are teaching and students are learning does not change as a result of the SBE’s vote.

The SBE has always been able to make changes to the standards. In fact, a review process is currently underway. Comments are being collected online through Nov. 20 at

We encourage teachers, parents and other members of the public to weigh in to ensure that our standards are strong and reflect Arizona’s needs. Any changes to the existing standards will be made only as a result of this review process.