Painting with celery bases gives toddlers and preschoolers a nice chunky grip for their “paintbrush” and quick, colorful results as they create their own garden masterpieces.

Painting with celery a perfect project for preschoolers

This project was provided by Phoenix mom Mandy Bopp, who says her preschool-age daughter, Grace, loved it so much “we made six posters in one day.”

A professional musician by trade, Bopp describes herself as a “wannabe photographer/memory-keeper at heart.” She started her blog, Almond Place, to “connect to others on this journey of life, motherhood and wifehood.” She also has two sons.

Supplies needed:
White poster board
Paper plate
Washable paint
Paint brush
Celery bunch, cut four inches from base

Painting with celery a perfect project for preschoolers


Begin by washing and drying the celery bunch. Cut off stalks approximately four inches from the base, keeping the base intact.


Paint some stems for the flowers on large poster board. Fill the paper plate with various colors of paint. Have your child dip and twist the celery base into the paint and apply to the top of the stems to make the flowers.


Reposted with permission of RAISING ARIZONA KIDS Magazine.

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