For the past five years, Arizona teachers and education leaders have been working to implement higher expectations and improve achievement for all students. AzMERIT is an important step toward these goals. The state’s new assessment – first administered to students last spring – was designed to measure academic proficiency at levels that truly show if a students is on track for college or career.

With AzMERIT, each student’s performance in English language arts and math will fall into one of four levels: Highly Proficient, Proficient, Partially Proficient and Minimally Proficient. On August 14, the Arizona State Board of Education will consider recommended cut scores which determine how many students will fall into each category.

So What Do the Recommended Cut Scores Show?

The unofficial scores shown below are not a surprise. In fact, they reiterate what the NAEP (a rigorous multi-state assessment) results have shown for years – our proficiency rates are low. However, now we have more accurate information about how our students are doing so we are better able to help them succeed.

If we want our students to be globally competitive and for Arizona to be the best place to live and do business, we need to embrace these results and take action to make education the top priority in our state.

What’s Next?

We know there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure more students are proficient in every grade. We are confident that if we provide our educators and students with the necessary resources and support, AzMERIT scores will improve.

As the State Board of Education meets to consider the recommended cut scores, we encourage them to keep the bar high and give meaningful information to teachers and parents that indicates if their children are ready for the next grade or college and career.

Once the Board has adopted cut scores, individual score reports will be prepared for Arizona’s students and parents. This is expected to happen in late October or early November.


Download the meeting packet with the cut score recommendations

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