Parents across Arizona have a new tool to help their elementary school students with math and English homework. The website was created by Stand for Children Arizona to help parents better understand Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.

In 2010, Arizona adopted new, more rigorous academic standards in English and math to help prepare students for success in school and for their future. Now that public schools across the state have aligned their teaching with these standards, many parents have found themselves struggling to understand the new approach.

It is important parents understand that although the approach is new, it is not bad. A majority of Arizona teachers support the new standards, which challenge our students to do more with what they learn. It’s about teaching kids the “why” and not just the “how.”

We know parents want to be in a position to support their children, but sometimes need help, too. While it may not answer every question parents might have, is designed to ease some of the frustration that comes with learning new things.

In addition, for more details about Arizona’s College & Career Ready Standards and how they are helping prepare students for success in life by visiting

Jennifer Liewer is the Marketing & Communications Director at Stand for Children Arizona.

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