UPDATE: Although this blog post was written for Super Bowl 49 in Arizona, you can use these fun educational activities anytime you’re watching football with the kids!

All eyes will be on Arizona this weekend as people from around the world tune in to watch the Super Bowl.  If you are watching the big game with your kids, you can also find ways to challenge them to learn. Research shows that students with actively engaged parents perform better in school, so, finding topical ways to incorporate learning activities outside of the classroom is key to helping your child succeed.

Here are a few fun ways you can challenge your kids before and during the Super Bowl:

Geography: Where do the Patriots and Seahawks call home? Ask your child to find Foxborough, Massachusetts and Seattle, Washington on a map. Take this activity up a notch by asking them to find the distance between the two cities and the distance each team must travel to get to Glendale, Arizona.

Literacy: Encourage your child to come up with ways to describe the game by turning off the sound for 5 minutes. Then, you and your child can take over as commentators and keep the “viewers” informed about what’s happening on the field.

History: The first Super Bowl was played January 15, 1967. Ask your child to research other important events that took place in 1967. Who was President? Who won Super Bowl I?

Math: While you’re watching the big game, one way to challenge your children is to ask questions about the various ways each team can win the game. Your kids probably won’t even realize they are doing algebra (until you tell them). Here’s an example:

It’s the 4th Quarter.
Team A has 30 points (3 touchdowns with extra points & 3 field goals).
Team B has 23 points (2 touchdowns with extra points & 3 field goals).
What are the various ways Team B can come back and take the lead in the game?

Science: Science plays a big role in every sport, and football is no exception. Take some time today or over the weekend to watch one or more of “The Science of the NFL” videos together to learn how physics, nutrition, and Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion make the Super Bowl possible.

Parents, what are other ways you engage your child in learning while watching sports? Share some of your best ideas for the big game in the comments below.

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