7 AM We know that education is a leading predictor of voting behavior, and Arizonans want an increased citizen participation in all aspects of citizenship.  With only 10% of Arizonans believing elected officials represent their interests, voting has never been more important.

To that end, we are working Expect More Arizona, our lead partner who helps drive our action agenda for the Education Citizen Goal, to motivate voters to show up on August 26th for the Primary Election.

Here is a list of ways you can get involved:

  1. VOTE!
  2. Participate in the August 9th Day of Action. Click here to learn more (PDF).
  3. Sharing information with your personal and professional networks about candidates’ positions is another action that can influence the election.

The Arizona We Want Institute was created to advance the Arizona citizens’ agenda for the future by translating the citizens’ goals into action. The eight citizen goals were identified through extensive polling conducted by Darcy Renfro Gallup and I encourage you to download The Arizona We Want 2.0 guide to learn more.

Learn more at TheArizonaWeWant.org/Vote & ExpectMoreArizona.org/Vote.

Darcy Renfro is a native Tucsonan and the inaugural Director of the The Arizona We Want Institute.