Calculate Summer UPDATE: Although this blog post was written for summer break, you can use these fun educational activities for any school break!

For most students, summer is a break from going to school every day, but to help make sure our students are prepared to succeed when school resumes, let’s make sure summer isn’t a break from learning. There are many opportunities to incorporate learning in everyday activities.

For example, challenge your child to calculate what percent of summer break is still remaining.

Lindsey Gamard, a graduate student at ASU’s School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, explains that when we think about percentages, we should be thinking about wholes and parts. “Percentages give us a way of comparing parts to wholes,” she says.


Gamard breaks the process of determining the percentage into 4 steps:

  1. Count the total number of days in summer break (the whole).
  2. Count the remaining number of days in summer break (the part).
  3. Divide the part by the whole (days remaining ÷ total days).
  4. Move the decimal place two times to the right, and put a percentage sign on the end.

Or going back to your high school algebra days, you might say:

Let X = The total number of days in Summer Break
Let Y = The number of days remaining in Summer Break

Y/X = The % Summer Break left

You can keep recalculating periodically until school starts. Find more ways to support students and teachers in Arizona at