Many parents turn to Pinterest to plan special birthday parties, search for unique gifts and uncover new crafts for their children. However, this holiday season, Pinterest can offer families something beyond what’s expected: a fantastic lesson in history, music, tradition and more.

It is no surprise that children are challenged to stay focused on learning during the holidays. The holidays are a time when families are pulled in many directions – from school plays, parties, shopping and baking. Many young students are out of routine, with later bed times, unhealthy snacks and limited time for homework. This is why it is important to find fun, free and easy ways to make learning top of mind for students and their parents, with an activity that can be enjoyed together.

This season, make every day a learning opportunity for your child through Pinterest. Pinterest is a powerful way to explore a wide variety of topics through images. Parents can create a shared Pinterest account with their child, so that the learning together can begin.

Parents are encouraged to create a new themed “board” for every day of the month, challenging their child to find images that answer the theme of the board. At the end of the month, the account will be filled with festive, interesting and educational images that can be reviewed at any time.

A few examples of Pinterest learning boards that parents may use, include:

  • “Our family history…”
  • The history of Hanukkah/Christmas
  • The science of snow
  • Worldwide traditions to celebrate New Year’s Eve
  • The story behind the icons of the holidays: Frosty the Snowman, Nutcracker, etc.
  • Music of the holidays
  • Traditional foods/recipes of the holidays

Conversations about these boards are also a great opportunity to help children identify their interests and discuss potential career paths. Are they most interested in science, history, music or art? Pinterest provides an ideal venue to discuss what inspires and intrigues each student.

Pinterest projects also present an opportunity for parents to share their high academic expectations with their children. In the natural course of conversation about these topics, parents can intertwine discussion about academic success and set a college-bound culture in their home. Parents are a child’s first teacher, and that is why these conversations should start early and often.

Visit Pinterest to get started today. If you need inspiration, visit Expect More Arizona’s “Holiday” Pinterest board.

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