In today’s reality of tight budgets, it is critical Arizona schools figure out ways to maximize existing resources and strategically invest new resources to improve student achievement and grow the number of world-class educators and schools.  Tempe Union High School District and Chevron Energy Solutions has come up with an innovative way to reduce energy and maintenance costs as well as engage students in STEM education.

The “Innovative Energy Solutions & Sustainability Project” is a cross-curricular science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) project that is designed to give students a greater understanding of today’s energy and environmental issues.  As part of the program, students conduct tests of renewable energy and learn about energy efficiency technologies in a hands-on, practical way.

Living Laboratories are set up at each of the District’s seven high school campuses.  Real data, resources materials and general information about the equipment will be used to provide students with hands-on opportunities to conduct research, compile data and formulate and test hypotheses.  The laboratories use cutting-edge technology that will ensure both rigor and relevance for students.

The program also allows for students in other subject areas to rally behind the District’s sustainability efforts as well as reinforce the integrated curriculum efforts of Arizona’s Common Core Standards.  For example, students studying government can analyze the District’s energy conservation efforts and study the connection with public policy issues such as global warming and alternative energy.  Business students can explore the financial impact of alternative energies and then create a business plan on energy management for a local small business owner.

Tempe Unified High School District is taking great steps toward a world-class education system by strategically investing and leveraging resources to ensure the greatest learning opportunities for its students.

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