Expect More Arizona’s movement is fueled by many great individuals and organizations that share our commitment to world-class education for all Arizona students.   This year, we had the opportunity to kick off a partnership with All A’s, a long-standing gathering of business, education and public sector leaders convened by The Rodel Foundation of Arizona.  All A’s is a bi-annual meeting of statewide leaders from diverse sectors who are concerned about the future of Arizona education and are committed to improving it.

More than ever before, it is critical that all Arizonans recognize they have a role to play in helping our students and our state succeed.  We are at an unprecedented moment in Arizona education, with the potential to achieve world-class education in our state.  We’ve raised our expectations by passing many important reforms over the last three years, including adopting the Common Core standards and increasing accountability for schools and educators.  However, still today, only half of our high school graduates qualify to enroll in a state university and there is a gaping achievement gap between students from low-income communities and their wealthier peers.  Whether we succeed in achieving our goals depends upon the public will of Arizonans to ensure a world-class education for all students, community support for schools, high quality educators, engaged parents and motivated students.

There are examples of schools and communities striving for a world-class education all across our state, and at our last All A’s meeting, we brought together some excelling educators to see what we could learn from them and how we, as a community, could better support education. The October All A’s meeting highlighted a panel of highly successful educators serving low-income communities, along with an Arizona 8th grader and his mom, to discuss what it will take to achieve a world-class education for all students in Arizona. The discussion was framed around the five Building Blocks for a World-Class Education, and the conversation was so inspiring and important, we wanted to share a little bit of it with you.

After you’ve watched the video, we’d love to get your thoughts on the topic. In the comments at the bottom of this post, please tell us in what ways you support world-class excellence in Arizona education.

We’d like to thank our outstanding panelists, and a special thank you to All A’s members for your leadership!

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