In Expect More Arizona’s Communities Working Together Building Block, Arizona’s business and community leaders, elected leaders, voters, educators, parents and students work together with urgency, optimism and a long-term view to ensure that every Arizona student succeeds in college, career and life.

Through the Arizona Educational Foundation’s UnitED program (formerly “Principal for a Day”) – business and community partnerships are being developed to build and maintain beneficial, meaningful and sustainable relationships between public education and local business.

Through this program, businesses bring their expertise and resources to match a school’s needs.  For example, partnerships consist of:

  • Mentoring, coaching and consulting between business leaders and school leaders
  • Provide advice on business-related functions such as budgeting, data analysis and training
  • Donation of equipment and supplies

Schools in the Valley are eager to partner with business leaders through the UnitED program. UnitED provides training that identifies concrete ways, based on predetermined school needs, in which businesses can effectively partner with schools; the training also helps businesses understand the challenges faced by schools.

The Arizona Educational Foundation is actively seeking business leaders in the Greater Phoenix area to partner with schools that have indicated a desire to participate in UnitED. No two relationships that develop between a business and a school will look the same. They might include: mentoring, tutoring or consulting; skill-development with students; cultural awareness; civic engagement; career orientation; technology expertise; before-or after-school program support; or campus facilities support. Time commitment varies according to the resources of the business and the needs of the school. What will your partnership look like? That’s entirely up to the business leader and the principal.

It is the collective responsibility of all of us to ensure the success of every school and every student in Arizona. UnitED provides a vehicle for business leaders to make a positive difference at schools in the Valley. The first training for UnitED partners is scheduled for October 26. Please call 480-421-9376 or visit to apply (due September 30) and for more information. The application process is simple; please consider partnering with a school through the UnitED program.

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