Two years ago, Expect More Arizona launched the Vote 4 Education campaign which aimed to make education a top priority for voters. Arizonans from across the state put up Vote 4 Education campaign signs, wore shirts, and walked their neighborhoods to talk about the vital role education plays in ensuring a strong economy and quality of life for all Arizonans.

Since then, Arizona has adopted several measures that create higher expectations for educators and students.  It’s critical that communities—local organizations, business leaders, educators and parents understand these changes and support the success of our students.

Statewide and non-partisan, Expect More Arizona’s Vote 4 Education campaign will help you understand how Arizona is raising the bar in education.  Our goal is to support you in making an informed vote when election time comes and and in engaging with your elected officials and community leaders about education at key points throughout the year.  Read on to learn more about 4 current issues and 4 ways to get involved.

Did you know that out of every 10 Arizona public high school graduates each year, less than 5 qualify for admission to Arizona’s state universities?

Too many Arizona students are graduating high school underprepared to succeed, whether their next step is career training, community college or university.  This is happening at a time when 85% of Arizona’s quality jobs require some form of additional education after high school.

It’s time to raise the bar. All Arizona students deserve a world-class education that prepares them to have the greatest options in life. Here are 4 bar-raising issues happening in Arizona education that every informed voter should know about:

  • Arizona is implementing more rigorous K-12 academic standards that prepare all students to graduate high school ready to succeed in college and careers.

High school graduation is no longer sufficient in today’s economy to attain a living wage job. All students should have the opportunity to attain a postsecondary education. Arizona’s new Common Core Standards will help us reach this goal, but teachers and students will need broad community support and additional resources to make the transition successfully.

  • Arizona passed a law called “Move on When Reading,” which requires that students who aren’t proficient in reading by the end of third grade to be held back.

The research is clear: children who cannot read proficiently by the third grade almost never fully catch up and are less likely to graduate from high school.  Access to high quality early childhood education is critical to ensuring students are reading on grade level.

  • Arizona began grading the performance of schools on an A – F scale.

“Oh, that’s a great neighborhood. It has good schools.” Sound familiar? The quality of your local schools matters. It impacts your property value, the desirability of your neighborhood and opportunities available to your neighborhood kids.  Find out what your local schools are graded and support their success.

  • While expectations are on the rise, education funding in Arizona has dropped.

While money isn’t everything, it is a crucial element to ensuring that Arizona’s students achieve world-class outcomes. High quality teachers and schools for all students will require strategic investment of new and existing resources.   Education should be an investment that we’re willing to make.

So, you’re on board and ready to Vote 4 Education, rally your friends & family…but how? Glad you asked.

Here are 4 easy ways to get involved:

Sign upJoin the movement.

Study up — To make an informed vote, learn more about Arizona’s education issues, like Common Core standards, school letter grades, bonds and overrides.

Speak up –  This year, on Wednesday October 10th (10/10), join us in showing your support for 10 out of 10 Arizona students receiving a world-class education that prepares them to succeed in life. We will mobilize thousands of Arizonans statewide in sending a unified message that education is our top priority. Rally your friends and colleagues to attend an event supporting 10/10 day, or help cover your neighborhood with Vote 4 Education posters, door hangers and yard signs.

Show up – Show up at the polls on November 6th or mail in your ballot.  VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 118 – Establishment of Permanent Funds and PROPOSITION 204 – Quality Education and Jobs. Click here to register to vote.

We need your help to spread the Vote 4 Education message – please share this with your family, friends and colleagues.  Click HERE if you would like volunteer with this campaign.  By working together, we can help build a world-class education system in Arizona that helps ensure our students are prepared to succeed in college, career and in life.

Click here to visit the Vote 4 Education section of our website to sign up, learn more, and read the 4 questions you should ask your candidates about education. And, don’t forget to Sign Up, Study Up, Speak Up, and Show Up to Vote 4 Education.

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