Helps Arizona Students Prepare for College and Career

Expect More Arizona is pleased to announce the expansion of its partnership with Northern Arizona University’s GEAR UP program. Together, the two organizations will work together to create a postsecondary-going culture in Arizona by engaging parents, families and students across the state.

The collaboration is possible with the support from a seven year, $30 million US Department of Education grant recently received by NAU to continue the Arizona GEAR UP program.

“By 2018, 61 percent of Arizona’s jobs will require education or training beyond high school,” said Teena Olszewski, Director of Arizona GEAR UP at NAU.  “The new GEAR UP grant substantially increases the odds for low-income and underrepresented students in our state to prepare for accessing and persisting in the higher education these jobs require.”

Through the partnership, GEAR UP and Expect More Arizona will extend the reach of the College & Career Planning Guide, which was distributed to 220,000 Arizona students in 2010-11, and will develop new ways to connect with parents and families, create a high expectations culture at home, and become more actively engaged in supporting their children’s success.

“The partnership we have had with NAU GEAR UP has been vital to Expect More Arizona’s work in championing a high expectations culture in Arizona education,” said Pearl Chang Esau, President and CEO of Expect More Arizona. “This opportunity to strengthen our partnership will ensure we have a greater presence in communities across our state and that we are able to rally more Arizonans faster to demand excellence for all of our students.”

The partnership will also support educators, parent organizations and non-profits by providing relevant tools and information to help them further engage parents and families.  Through these efforts, Expect More Arizona staff will work to establish a post-secondary going culture that ensures Arizona students are prepared for college and career.

For more information on NAU GEAR UP and the grant award, click here.