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Making World-Class Excellence in Arizona Education a Reality

by Expect More Arizona

Paul J. Luna, Chair of Expect More Arizona’s Board and President and CEO of Helios Education Foundation, spoke about building a world-class education system in Arizona.

“We think now’s the time to really build those expectations and provide all of our students with that world-class education, so that they can compete in the future.” Paul Luna

Watch more of Paul’s interview with Arizona Midday below, and please share this post with your friends (you can use the buttons above or below to share easily), so we can get more people to join the movement for world-class excellence in Arizona education!

Making Progress Together

343 organizations

are partnering with us to make education a top priority in Arizona

80 thousand

supporters of the movement for world-class education in Arizona

96 percent

of Arizonans believe all kids deserve a world-class education

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