I am passionate about helping here. After 55 years in Texas, I moved here with my 14-year old daughter who was an honors student in Texas and chose Central High because they had a Cambridge Program and an honors program. She is being taught things she learned in 6th and 7th grade in Texas and the students say they are only required to achieve a C. Sure enough the GPA to strive for is 2.5. This is a formula to have our kids strive for mediocrity. Honors student should not be striving for Cs. Setting the GPA at 2.5 is a formula for prepare our kids to ask what size fries we want not show them that they can achieve anything they want in this world. You don’t goal for mediocrity. You goal for greatness. I was told setting the GPA at 2.5 is just to ensure everyone is included. Why not bring the bar up instead of lower it? We must stop settling for being 48th in the nation. The system is failing students like my daughter who are bored and unchallenged and fight every day to tell her classmates that a C is not something to strive for.