I do believe that alot of our students are preforming below standard requirements, but why should the whole grading scale change and not only make bad students ‘worse’ students, but it punishes the students that do work. My son is a seventh grader and has never had anything except a and b’s. He works hard, does his homework, and studies almost every night, along with band. So he works hard. But at Q3 (thank goodness not on ‘official’ report card) he received his first “C” and that was an 85%!!!! How fair is that?? It is just discouraging the kids that try because their train of thought is ‘well what used to be a b is now a c, so why even try?’ My kid is not the only one, and almost all of our teachers are frustrated at this change. There has to be a better way to improve the students that lack the expectations, without damaging and ruining the students who go above and beyond. I mean really, an 85% is a C???? ON WHAT PLANET!!!! Get something right finally and go back to the old grading system with a few tweeks on the ‘bottom’ end, not the ‘top’!!!