Dear Arizona,

It’s fitting that we celebrate your 100th birthday on Valentine’s Day, because there is so much to love about the state we call home.

We are proud to be Arizonans, and we call this great state home for so many reasons. Arizona is as diverse and unique as it is beautiful and majestic. There are also a lot of wonderful things happening in education in our state. There are students, educators, schools, parents, and leaders of our state with immeasurable passion and commitment to excellence.

Because of your vast potential, we raise our expectations to the highest degree. We expect not only modest improvements, but world-class results here in Arizona. We want to be considered more than just the best in the nation; we expect Arizona to be competitive with the best education systems in the world.

Today, as we celebrate 100 years of statehood, we have an opportunity to transform Arizona education into a world-class system that prepares our students to compete and succeed, producing a next generation to help lead Arizona’s greatness.

Arizona, today we wish you a happy 100th birthday, and a happy Valentine’s Day. We are proud to live in this great state, and hope to be a part of making the next 100 years even greater.

Yours truly,
Expect More Arizona