UPDATE: This article was originally posted for the 2012 Super Bowl.

Original Post:
The Super Bowl this weekend means fun, friends, food, and football. But, watching the big game with your kids can also be a great way for parents to stay involved and engaged in helping your child learn outside of the classroom. Research shows that students with actively engaged parents are more likely to perform better in school, so finding ways to incorporate learning in your everyday activities is key to helping your child succeed.

So, when you’re watching the game on Sunday, one way to challenge your children is to question them about the various ways each team can win the game. They probably won’t even realize they are doing algebra (until you tell them). Here’s an example:

It’s the 4th Quarter.

Team A has 30 points (3 touchdowns with extra points & 3 field goals).
Team B has 23 points (2 touchdowns with extra points & 3 field goals).
What are the various ways Team B can come back and take the lead in the game?

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There are many other ways to make watching the game a fun, educational experience, and resources available to help. Click here to view NBC Learn’s video series on “The Science of the NFL.”

How do you like to engage your child in learning while watching sports? Let us know some of your best ideas for this weekend in the comments below.