On December 15, 2011, Expect More Arizona invited business, community, and education leaders to a breakfast in Phoenix to continue discussing the direct link between a strong education system and a thriving business community, and the role the business community must play in improving education in our state. Speaking at the event were:

Expect More Arizona also presented the inaugural “Excellence in Business and Education Partnerships” award to the Intel Corporation and Ms. Esque for their dedication to high expectations for education in our state.  Intel’s impact on Arizona education reaches throughout the state with programs like Intel Math which provides professional development for teachers as well as Intel’s involvement in organizations such as ABEC, Science Foundation Arizona, The Arizona Tech Council and Expect More Arizona.   Intel is a role model for other businesses and a vocal, bold champion for bar-raising measures in education.

Thank you to Intel Corporation, Mr. Colangelo and all of our speakers, and to everyone who attended the breakfast this year. Below, you can watch a video of highlights from our speakers: