With a new president in place, a $3 million commitment from Helios Education Foundation over the next four years and the launch of a new Parent Engagement Program, this is an exciting week for Expect More Arizona.

Our increased focus on parents and families is fueled by research that shows students with actively engaged parents are more likely to perform better academically, graduate from high school and go on to college or other postsecondary program.  In addition, more than 50% of Arizona students report that the most influential figure in their education is their parents.

The parent-focused program is supported by a multimedia public awareness campaign that includes TV, radio, online and select print advertising.  The media campaign is designed to inspire parents to set high expectations and be actively involved in student academic success.

In addition to the media campaign, the parent engagement program includes a web-based resource center for parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles; educational workshops and presentations; targeted brochures and flyers for families with children of all ages; and informative year-round communications.  By providing information, tools and resources to stay engaged and ensure students are prepared for every stage of education, Expect More Arizona seeks to move more parents from awareness of Arizona’s college and career-readiness challenge to action on behalf of their child, school and education overall.

Challenging Arizona families and parents to create a high expectations culture at home, Expect More Arizona encourages student academic success to be a family priority, ahead of athletics, entertainment and work. In addition, we ask parents to set completion of college or other postsecondary education as their child’s ultimate academic goal, while remaining actively engaged in their child’s education from birth through postsecondary.

“Parents are a child’s first teacher, and we want to create urgency while inspiring hope and empowerment that they are in control of the quality of their child’s education and critically important to their academic success,” said Pearl Chang Esau, president and CEO of Expect More Arizona.  “High school can no longer be the finish line for Arizona students.  We need parents to commit to setting an expectation with their children that they will go on to complete college or a postsecondary program.”

To see more of our new parent engagement program, visit Our Campaign, where you can download and easily share all of our materials.