Generations of Arizona students have grown up with the Five “C’s” of the state: Cotton, Citrus, Copper, Climate, and Cattle.  Now more than ever, it is time to acknowledge the sixth “C” of Arizona – an attribute that we must cherish, nourish, support, and enhance: Classrooms and Continuous Education.  There should be absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind today that Arizona’s Job #1 today is the creation and importation of jobs for Arizona and Arizonans.  The crux of this vital mission is inextricably interwoven to the success and adaptability of Arizona’s educational systems – pre-kindergarten to and past post graduate work.  Today and (especially) tomorrow’s workforce demands individuals with a solid work ethic and a firm grasp of the essentials of learning systems.  In order to succeed, Arizonans must know how to learn in order to adapt to the continuously changing demands of a global workplace.  Are we there?  Sad to say, the answer’s “no” but I’m pleased to say we’ve got a plethora of tiny bright lights of accomplishment.  If we can begin to successfully connect the dots, Arizona can and will take its place as THE place to live, work, raise a family, and learn.