The following was sent out recently by the Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence:

Now Accepting Applications for Technology Grants!

The Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence invites afterschool programs statewide to apply for one of five $1,500 grants being awarded to either create new or expanded ways for incorporating technology based learning in afterschool programs.

Children today are raised on and with technology.   Playing video games, using smart phones, digital cameras, flip cameras and computers is second nature to them.  Yet, unfortunately many classrooms rely on traditional methods of learning with little reliance on technology.   Afterschool programs being the experiential, learning environments that they are have more latitude to be creative than many classrooms.

The opportunities are endless!   The goal is for staff AND youth to brainstorm what might be done with technology in your program that’s not happening now.   Is there a personal, local, state, national problem the children want to know more about and attempt to solve?   Do they want to write, produce, and shoot a Public Service Announcement or mini documentary on flip cameras?  Do they want to write, produce and film a one act play?  Do they want to publish a photo story book with photos taken on digital cameras?  Do they want to record their own oral histories or the history of a family member?  Do they want to travel the world, paint artistic masterpieces or learn astronomy on an iPad?  It’s all possible with technology!

Afterschool and out-of-school programs serving 6 to 18 year olds are eligible to apply and must submit a grant application with a full description of their planned use for the technology requested and a budget prior to Friday, September 9.   Funding can be used to purchase technology such as digital cameras, flip cameras, video cameras, notebook computers, iPads, or software for existing computers but the grant proposal MUST describe how the technology will be used and the educational benefits derived. Grants will be awarded statewide to programs based on their creative and innovative use of age appropriate technology and education enriching projects for the intended afterschool audience.

View grant application here>>

Grant applications must be submitted by Friday, September 9 by mail or e-mail to Melanie McClintock, Executive Director, Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence, 112 North Central Avenue, Suite 700, Phoenix, AZ 85004, .

A complete list of Educational iPad applications can be found on iTunes for some ideas:

REPORT: Incorporating Technology into Out-Of-School Time Programs
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