During the 2010 elections, Expect More Arizona challenged Arizonans to evaluate their candidates based on their commitment to education.  However, now that our leaders are in office, our Vote 4 Education efforts don’t end.  In fact, it’s critical that we hold them accountable to making education a priority and let them know the decisions they make will influence how we vote again in 2012.

Expect More Arizona is committed to helping voters stay informed and engaged in the political decisions being made about education both during and after key elections.  In addition to our “Vote 4 Education” resource section on our web site, we have created the following questions to ask yourself about your elected leaders’ commitment to education:

4 Questions for Holding Our Leaders Accountable

  1. Is education one of their top two priorities?
  2. Have they supported policies that positively impact the biggest issues affecting education in our state?
  3. Have they supported investing resources in education to support Arizona’s long-term success?
  4. How do they challenge Arizonans to expect more and do more for education?

Ready to do more? Here are four actions you can take to keep Vote 4 Education going strong and show Arizona that you expect more:

4 Actions

  1. RAISE YOUR VOICEHold your elected leaders accountable to making education a priority.  Contact them to let them know how you feel about their support of high quality education for our students.
  2. SIGN ON – Sign on to The Arizona Education Commitment to show your support of Arizona’s constitutional prioritization of education.
  3. JOIN THE CONVERSATION – Stay informed and engaged by participating in the discussions on Facebook, Twitter, and the Expect More Arizona Blog.
  4. RALLY YOUR NETWORK – Make sure your friends and family are registered to vote and encourage them to “Vote 4 Education” in every election.

Thanks to everyone who is keeping the Vote 4 Education message alive.   We all must continue to raise our voices and demand that education become our state’s top priority… beginning with our leaders.