Title: Conference of Arizona Student Leaders – Arizona Students’ Assoc.
Location: Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, AZ
Link out: Click here
This is not your average leadership conference.

The Conference of Arizona Student Leaders is really two conferences in one: a leadership training conference and a statewide leadership summit.

The objective of the conference, therefore, is two-fold:

Goal #1 – Strengthen Student Governance and Leadership on Each Individual Campus
Goal #2 – Facilitate Communication Between All Student Governments in Order to Strengthen the Student Voice Statewide

The leadership conference portion of CASL is a unique oportunity for student leaders to learn leadership skills from the best in the business. Current and former student leaders from across the nation train participants in everything from how to write a constitution to how to create your own personal vision.

The All-Arizona Student Summit is the crown jewel of the conference. It is an opportunity for two student leaders from each college and university to sit in council and discuss how each can work more fully with the other. Like the ambassadors they are, each has an opportunity to represent their campus in a truly impactful way.

By providing a venue for both learning and leading, the Conference of Arizona Student Leaders is a truly unique opportunity for student leaders in Arizona to grow as individuals and as a member of a community larger than themselves.
Start Date: 10-14-2011
End Date: 10-16-2011