1).  Be a Vocal Champion – Business leaders and professionals have many opportunities to educate others about the importance of a high quality education system to our economy and overall quality of life.  Help get more people passionate about the need to make education our state’s top priority by championing education in social settings, workplace meetings, key presentations and other community involvement activities.

2).  Create Powerful Partnerships – The first step in any partnership is to reach out to a potential partner to learn more about what they need and what you have to offer.  Superintendents, principals, foundation leaders and executive directors can give you ideas and you can co-construct a program that meets their goals and how much you have to offer in the form of time, money and resources.

3). Get Involved – From early learning to higher education, boards, committees, and classrooms across Arizona can use your help.  Giving your time and encouraging other employees to do the same makes a difference.  Some ideas include running for school board, becoming a mentor or volunteering in a local classroom.

4).  Vote and Hold Your Leaders Accountable – Our goal is to have every elected leader to become a champion of education.  Make sure you get out to vote at every election from mayor to Governor and ask them how they will make education a priority.  Once your leaders are elected, stay engaged in the decisions they are a making and hold them accountable to their education promises.

5).  Invest in Education – Arizona’s tough economic times mean that nonprofits and schools across the state need extra help.  You can support local classrooms through DonorsChoose.org, give to a university foundation in support of scholarships for talented students or invest in a nonprofit providing quality early learning programs for children in poverty.

If you need help exploring partnerships that impact education, let us know.  You can email Nicole@ExpectMoreArizona.org.  Once we understand more about your priorities and goals, we can help connect you to organizations that would value involvement.