The following article by Nicole Magnuson, Executive Director of Expect More Arizona, appeared in the June 10, 2011 issue of the Phoenix Business Journal:

In the three years since I began working with the visionaries who created Expect More Arizona, I have met teachers, parents, students, community members and business leaders who care deeply about the quality of our education system and the future of Arizona.

I have seen business leaders and companies invest valuable time, money and leadership to inspire public demand for high quality education from the earliest years through higher education, create their own programs to better prepare teachers, introduce students to careers through hands on internships and help build classrooms that are exciting and relevant to global opportunities.

Some of these partnerships came together easily, and others were constructed through years of collaboration. Regardless of their evolution, they demonstrate how business and education partnerships can truly raise the bar and make a difference in the lives of children and students.

One of Expect More Arizona’s goals is to champion continued and growing partnerships between the business and education communities. The partnerships can be as simple as writing a check to as challenging as adopting a struggling school and helping to turn it around. All are worthwhile and desperately needed.

As you assess your community involvement priorities, I encourage you to move education to the top of your list. After all, when you consider that our future employees, customers and leaders are in today’s cradles and classrooms, Arizona businesses have a vested interest in the success of our students.

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