Earlier this year, Expect More Arizona joined with the O’Connor House on The Arizona Education Commitment, to increase public awareness about the constitutional prioritization of education and the legislature’s duty to maintain, develop and improve all of our state’s educational institutions.  The intent was also to build public demand for our elected leaders to look at enhancing revenues in order to meet this duty.  With the legislative session now at a close, no new revenue generating strategies in place and a budget that cuts nearly half a billion from K-12 and higher education, we must look to the future.

Expect More Arizona and the O’Connor House continue to promote The Arizona Education Commitment and have collected the signatures of more than 3,000 individuals and organizations that want visionary leaders who will implement policies that increase revenues and, per the constitution, prioritize education.  If your name isn’t on the growing list of supporters, please consider signing on right now.

While we’re thrilled to have as many supporters as we have from across Arizona, our message was clearly not heard during the past legislative session. As we approach another important election year, we need our collective voice to be louder and stronger, so all of our state’s leaders know keeping their jobs depends on supporting education in Arizona, as required by our state’s Constitution. That means getting more Arizonans to let our leaders know we support The Arizona Education Commitment and expecting them make education a priority in their decision-making.

Here are three easy ways to ask your friends and family to join you in signing the Commitment:

  1. Spread the Word – Send an e-mail to your friends, family, and colleagues letting them know of you signed on and asking them to join you. (Click here to download a sample e-mail).
  2. Ignite a Movement – Share the Arizona Education Commitment with your Facebook and/or Twitter networks.
  3. Rally the TroopsPrint this sign up sheet (PDF) and take with you to community activities, talk to people about education in Arizona, and ask them to sign on. When you are finished, mail it back to us, and we’ll take it from there.

We must continue to spread The Arizona Education Commitment message until it is heard. We won’t give up on our state and we won’t give up on our kids, but we can’t do it without your help. Thank you for your commitment to education in Arizona, and for sharing this important message with your family and friends today.