Fred DuVal, Vice Chair of the Arizona Board of Regents and co-Chair of Getting AHEAD, spoke recently to 12 News’ Kim Covington about the Maricopa to ASU Pathways Program (MAPP).

MAPP is a part of a broader, statewide effort between Arizona’s Board of Regents, universities and community colleges called Getting AHEAD (Access to Higher Education And Degrees), which aims to provide and promote more opportunities for residents to successfully complete a college degree – conveniently at a lower cost – by beginning work at a community college and seamlessly transferring and finishing at one of Arizona’s three public universities. Enrollment in MAPP has skyrocketed since its inception in October of 2009. Currently, 3,800 students are enrolled in a MAPP program.

“As part of our long-term strategic plan, the Regents have tasked the universities with developing more partnership programs with our state’s community colleges to increase student success and degree completion,” said DuVal. “The MAPP program is a shining example of the work Arizona’s community colleges and universities are undertaking to educate a greater number of students at a lower cost for the long-term benefit of the state. MAPP provides students and parents with tuition affordability and will help in our efforts to produce the highly-skilled graduates businesses seek.”