The Arizona Education Network (AEN), a Tucson-based parent advocacy group, is asking Arizona’s business leaders to flex their muscles to the legislature once again, but this time to protect education. Last week, more than sixty business leaders signed a letter asking legislators to defeat five immigration related bills that were being considered. The leaders cited that the proposed immigration policies are harmful to business and job growth, ultimately impacting the state’s already struggling economy.

Recognizing the power of the collective voice of business groups and leaders, AEN is calling upon them to now stand against the proposed budget passed by the Arizona Senate last week which includes $242 million in cuts to K-12 education and nearly $300 million in cuts to community colleges and universities. The cuts come on top of more than $900 million in cuts that have been made to Arizona education since 2008.

The Arizona Education Network was started by a group of parents who were concerned about the continued de-investment in Arizona’s public schools. During the 2010 elections, they posted and promoted the voting records of legislators to help inform voters that the majority of Arizona’s elected leaders consistently voted against investing in higher quality education.

Click here to read AEN’s blog post containing information on the letter campaign, including business leader contact information and a template you can use to write to them.