Proposed Cuts to Education Deeper and More Damaging

Earlier this year, Governor Brewer announced a budget that had more than $170 million in proposed cuts to our state’s public universities and another $72.9 million in cuts to our community colleges. The proposed cuts would come on top of nearly $900 million in eliminated funding to K-12 and higher education since 2008.

What seemed to be bad is getting worse.

Some of Arizona’s legislators are now proposing a budget that has $63 million more in cuts to higher education as well as $242 million in reductions to our K-12 public institutions.

It’s time for Arizonans to say, “Enough is Enough!”

These same leaders are determined to move this new, damaging budget through the political process today, or soon after. For many schools, community colleges and universities, the cuts are sure to mean reductions in teaching staff, increased class sizes, more program elimination, tuition increases, strain on quality and fewer critical supports for struggling schools and students.

Last year, Arizona voters declared loud and clear that education must be a top investment by voting overwhelmingly in support of Proposition 100 – a temporary 1% sales tax dedicated to funding our public schools. With this new proposed budget, our state’s leaders would effectively take the money generated by Prop 100 away from our schools to balance the budget.

We cannot afford to let these cuts happen.

Our state’s leaders must look at increasing revenues to address our current budget crisis. They cannot cut their way out without damaging our already under-resourced education system. Improving our schools and implementing innovative education reform strategies requires strategic investment.

Raise your voice in support of education TODAY!

  1. Call your legislators immediately and tell them you want a better education system and you are willing to pay for it. Arizona’s Constitution requires it!
  2. Follow up your call with an email letting them know you mean business. Tell them that their support of education – or lack of it – will determine how you vote in the next election. We want people who will protect and invest in education!
  3. Show them that The Arizona Education Commitment is a serious and growing movement by getting your friends, families and neighbors to sign on too. Send your networks an e-mail asking for their support and share The Arizona Education Commitment on Facebook and Twitter.

Our students, our schools, and our future are too important to wait. Per the Arizona Constitution, the legislature has a duty to maintain, develop and improve our state’s educational institutions. By not looking at revenue generating options such as taxation or tax reform, Arizona leaders are hurting our kids and our ability to have an economically prosperous future.

Don’t wait another day. Contact your legislators now!