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Expect More Arizona and Partners Join Together to Promote ‘Superman’ Documentary Film

by Expect More Arizona

As advocates for high quality education for all Arizona children, Expect More Arizona and its partners Stand for Children and Valley of the Sun United Way are seizing a window of opportunity to elevate discussion and involvement in education.

The three education reform and community mobilization organizations are partnering on the state’s roll out of the documentary film, Waiting for ‘Superman.’ Developed by Davis Guggenheim, the creator of the widely publicized An Inconvenient Truth. Waiting for ‘Superman’ is a provocative look at public education in America.   The film, which debuts nationwide in late September and in Arizona on October 8th, takes audiences on an emotional journey inside America’s public education system.

Although the film highlights the many barriers students and families face in accessing high quality education, the partners see it as a conversation starter and motivator to action.

“The film clearly highlights the extremes of what needs to be improved in public education,” said Nicole Magnuson, executive director of Expect More Arizona, “Although our situation may be slightly different here in Arizona, we see this as an opportunity to get more people involved in improving education in our state.”

The documentary film has a social action campaign tied to its roll out. The four pillars being promoted by Paramount and Participant Media, the presenting organizations, include:

1)   Celebrate Great Teachers

2)   Better Prepare Students

3)   Ensure Great Schools

4)   Raise Literacy Rates

The first step for all Arizonans is to take the pledge to see the film on October 8th or soon after.  Pledge NOW by clicking the button below.

Check out the conversation with Davis Guggenheim below:

To learn more about the local roll out of Waiting for ‘Superman,’ contact Luis Avila at lavila@stand.org.

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