The weekend before Arizona’s Primary Election, nearly 300 Expect More Arizona volunteers walked through neighborhoods across the state to distribute door hangers that asked a question: Are Your Candidates 4 Education?

We will be seeking volunteers to do this again the weekend before the General Election. If you would like to be a volunteer for Expect More Arizona, please sign up here.

Thank you to everyone who has joined the movement to make education a priority in our state. And, a special thank you to everyone who walked 4 education!

Paid for by Expect More Arizona – Vote 4 Education, No on 302 – Protect Early Childhood Health/Development Funds.  Major funding by Expect More Arizona, a fund of the Arizona Community  Foundation.  The Vote 4 Education campaign is funded in its entirety by Helios Education Foundation and the Arizona Community Foundation through Expect More Arizona and does not use public funds.