Today marks the first day of campaigning for Arizona’s General Election on November 2nd. While yesterday’s voter turnout was low, we can’t help but notice all of the Arizonans out there who are proud to “Vote 4 Education.” Kudos to those of you who voted in the Primary.

Now that we know (mostly) who will be on the November ballot, it is more imperative than ever that we get to know our candidates and where they stand on education. As a part of our “Vote 4 Education” campaign, we are recommending you take 4 actions this election year. Let’s take a moment to discuss each of them.

4 Actions

Action 1 – Arizona voters already successfully completed the first action this past May when we voted in support of Proposition 100. But, we must remember, moving forward, that Prop 100 was a temporary but significant step toward our goal, but only a band-aid. Let’s build on the momentum of Action 1’s success by completing the next three.

Action 2Vote NO on 302! Arizona’s ballot measures are often written to confuse voters, and Proposition 302 is no exception. So, let’s be clear: Voting NO on 302 is a vote to support Arizona’s youngest children, ages 0 -5.  In 2006, we voted to create a tobacco tax that would fund early childhood health and development; First Things First was created with those moneys, but now Arizona voters are being asked to eliminate the organization and to sweep its savings into the general fund. At Expect More Arizona, we believe that providing quality learning to Arizona’s youngest students is key to creating a successful education system. We urge you to protect First Things First and vote NO on 302.

Action 3Make sure your candidates are unwavering advocates of education. Expect More Arizona does not and will not endorse any candidate for public office. And, while we know that every candidate declares he or she is pro-education, we encourage you to challenge that declaration and to dig deeper. Our 4 Questions to “Vote 4 Education” will help you push candidates to be specific on how they will champion education, support pro-education policies, and motivate all Arizonans to do their part to improve education in our state. Talk is cheap; make sure your candidates know the only way to earn your vote is to make education one of their top two priorities. And, make sure they also know you plan to hold them accountable for their campaign promises.

Action 4Rally 10 friends to vote with education as their “hot button” issue. You and I know there is a direct link between the quality of Arizona’s education system and the quality of life in our state. That’s one of the reasons we “Vote 4 Education.” But, do your friends and family understand your passion and all of the reasons you support education? We encourage you to make the case 4 Education and get at least 10 friends to join the Expect More Arizona movement.

It is true that Arizona is at a crossroads. The decisions we make on November 2nd will affect today’s students, as well as the prosperity and quality of life for all of Arizona. We can’t continue to put education off for the next election, or the election after that. Together, we can change how education is viewed and supported in Arizona, but only if we take action. From today until Election Day, will you take the remaining three actions to “Vote 4 Education?” What are the other ways you will champion education in this election?

Paid for by Expect More Arizona – Vote 4 Education, No on 302 – Protect Early Childhood Health/Development Funds.  Major funding by Expect More Arizona, a fund of the Arizona Community  Foundation.  The Vote 4 Education campaign is funded in its entirety by Helios Education Foundation and the Arizona Community Foundation through Expect More Arizona and does not use public funds.