Maybe you’ve seen our signs around Arizona (or what’s left of them) posing this question about our candidates for political office: Are They 4 Education? When we cast our ballots in the August 24th Primary and the November 2nd General Elections, it’s important to really understand which of our candidates will be the best champions for education. But, how can you best educate yourself about your candidates’ plans for education and our state?

Expect More Arizona does not endorse any political candidates, but we do want to be a resource for you to get the information you need to make your own informed decisions. That’s why we created the Know Your Candidates page.  We are committed to keeping it fresh with links to resources such as candidate lists, scorecards, and voting records. We will also provide access to videos of candidate forums, especially those focused on education (see here and here, for example).

We plan to make the Know Your Candidates page robust and relevant throughout the election cycle.  If you know of a resource we aren’t sharing on the page, but should be, please send us a link and information. You can also share resources in the comments section below.

This year’s election must be a turning point for education in Arizona.  A “Vote 4 Education” is a vote for Arizona’s success and everything that a quality education system provides, including a stronger economy and better quality of life. Check out our Know Your Candidates page and ask yourself our “4 Questions” before making your selections.  Last but not least, make sure your candidates know that their unwavering support of education is the only way to earn your vote, and, if elected, they will be accountable for the promises they make about education.

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