Register to Vote and Vote Early!

The primary election is right around the corner.  Early voting starts on July 29.  The last day to register to vote, change your party affiliation or update your personal information such as change of address, for the primary is July 26th.

  • Register to Vote – Click here to register to vote, change your party affiliation or update your personal information.
  • Permanent Early Balloting –Click here to sign up for the permanent early voting list and receive your ballot by mail.  After you walk through the registration process, even if you have already registered, you will have the option to be placed on the permanent early voting list (PEVL).
  • Independents Request a Party Aligned Ballot – Independents can vote in the primary elections, simply contact your county elections office and request either a Republican or Democratic ballot.  Click here for a complete list of county contacts.

This election season is critical to the future of Arizona education.  We will make decisions on education-related propositions as well as electing a Governor, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Arizona Legislators and School Board Members, all of whom make critical decisions affecting Arizona’s education system.

And Don’t Forget to Finish out the Last Three of our 4 Actions:

  1. Vote Yes on 100(Passed!)
  2. Vote No on 302 – Protect the Voter-Approved Early Childhood Health and Development Funds
  3. Make Sure Your Candidates are Unwavering Advocates for Education
  4. Rally 10 Friends to Vote with Education as their “Hot Button” Issue

Remember these key dates:

Early Balloting Begins (Primary)- July 29
Primary Election – August 24
Early Balloting Begins (General) – October 7
General Election – November 2

Paid for by Expect More Arizona – Vote 4 Education Yes on 100 & Protect Early Childhood Health/Development Funds.  Major funding by Expect More Arizona, a fund of the Arizona Community Foundation.